Capsule Inn Kinshicho

24-Hour Access, Free WiFi, Bath House/Sauna Included

Per Night: ¥3100

Two or more nights: ¥2800

Located in the center of Tokyo, direct line from Narita Airport. We have English-speaking staff.

Hotel information and pricing

Check-in time 15:00 (3 PM)
Check-out time 12:00 (noon)
Access 24-hours a day (no curfew)
Capsules available 152 capsules over 5 floors
Bathhouse facilities Communal bathhouse (plus sauna, and rock sauna in women bathhouse)
Other services Free WiFi, phone charging service, toothbrush and razor included in price
Price per night 3100¥ (2800¥ discount price)
Services for women Two women-only capsule floors with security door, women-only bath house
Address 2-6-3 Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0013
Phone number 03-3621-1919
Email capsuleinn​

Floor guide (elevator available from 2F)

A3Capsules / Lockers
A2Bath House / Sauna
A1Women-Only Bath
6Women-only capsules
5Women-only capsules
2Reception / Lounge
Women's rock sauna The rock sauna in the women's bathhouse

Please make use of our facilities as much as you like. The free WiFi is available in the lounge (see the note on the wall for the password) and on the 3F capsule room. Please note that smoking is allowed only in the bath house dressing room and on the stairway; not on the capsule floor or in the lounge. Also, please note that we do not offer private showers.

We have free dispensable toothbrushes in the capsule floor bathroom and in the bath house. Free razors are available at the front desk. In the common room there's a drink dispenser, and there are two vending machines (in the male bath house and on the 5th floor). We also have draft beer for ¥400 per glass.

We can keep your valuables behind the front desk, and also charge your phone and other devices for free.

How to get here?

From Narita Airport:
Take the JR Sobu Line (dark blue line; costs ~¥1.280 and takes about 1 hour 15 minutes) to Kinshicho Station.

From Kinshicho Station:
Take the North Exit (the side with the large donut-like sculpture) and start heading left. After the second block, there will be a Burger King to your right—cross the street towards it. Walk past the Burger King. At the first crossroad, you'll see the hotel on the right side (next to the Italian bar Quintetto).

Map Only 3 minutes from Kinshicho Station, which connects directly to Narita Airport.Link to Google Maps route description.


About the Kinshicho area and surroundings

The capsule hotel is located in one of the central districts of Tokyo and is home to many interesting venues and a bustling night life. One of Tokyo's most well-known attractions, the Sky Tree, is only one subway stop away or can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes. Please feel free to ask the staff for recommendations on where to go and what to see. In addition, there are many good restaurants and izakaya (Japanese bars) in the area.

Located close to Kinshicho are also the following areas of interest (click for more information):

Visitors interested in doing a lot of traveling either in or outside Tokyo might be interested in obtaining a JR Rail Pass.

Reviews from Hostelworld


“I think this is a great place to get a true capsule inn experience! The area is not very busy, but it is very close to Kinshichou station and the Skytree. I met some very great people at this hostel and was always given fresh towels and yukatas free of charge. This hostel's bathroom is basically a traditional public bath house with a traditional onsen feel. It is a great ice-breaker to Japanese onsen culture. I suggest it to everyone!”

Making a reservation

We're currently accepting reservations through (please note there's a surcharge for making a reservation online through their website). It's not necessary to pay in advance—you can also email us and ask whether room is available on a day. We accept both cash (Japanese Yen only) and credit card at the hotel. Visitors staying for multiple days get a discount price of ¥2800 per night instead of ¥3100—you don't need to make a reservation to get this discount. Please keep timezone differences and the flight duration in mind when choosing the date of your reservation.

There are usually capsules available all week, but we recommend reserving in advance if arriving on Saturday or on a national holiday, particularly when traveling with a group.

English-speaking staff

Please note that while we employ multiple English-speaking staff at the front desk, not all of our staff can speak English. There are times when we'll have only Japanese-speaking staff at the front desk, although we try to keep this to a minimum. We ask for your understanding in advance.

Things to keep in mind during your stay

Although the capsule inn is essentially like any other hotel, there are a few things we'd like our visitors to keep in mind.

The capsule room is like a dormitory—although the capsules are separate, they're not soundproofed. There's almost always someone resting in one of the capsules, so please keep quiet while you're on the capsule floor. Also, when keeping your luggage outside of the capsule, please keep in mind not to block the way.

We thank you in advance for being considerate of the other visitors.